Upgrading Prosperity in Far Cry New Dawn


How can I upgrade the homebase Facilities?



Prosperity acts as your homebase in Far Cry New Dawn and gives you access to the following Facilities:

Cartography - Provides Intel Maps to purchase.
Explosive Lab - Unlocks explosive crafting.
Expeditions - Unlocks Expeditions and Fast Travel.
Healing Garden - Improves Medkit efficiency.
Infirmary - Improves max health.
Training Camp - Improves Gun for Hire health and damage.
Garage - Unlocks vehicle crafting.
Workbench - Unlocks weapon crafting.

Each Facility offers unique benefits and gives you the ability to improve their effectiveness by upgrading them in the Homebase tab of the in-game menu.

Homebase menu showing upgraded Facility (Expeditions)

Ethanol is required to upgrade buildings - you will be able to find plenty of it in Outposts.

Some upgrades will also require a Specialist - you will encounter them in various locations across Hope County.

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