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Online Modes in Watch Dogs 2 on PS4


What are the online modes available to me?


(Here is some information regarding the seamless online multiplayer functionality that you may need to be aware of)

All players can enjoy the multiplayer experience on Watch Dogs 2 if their in-game online settings allows it. The availability of some of the content is based upon your subscription status on your console. 

Seamless Coop

This mode is available to all players. If your ingame online settings allow it, you may randomly bump into other players and hack San Francisco together. Short missions may also be triggered in these instances.

Bounty Hunt

In Bounty mode, you can be either the hunted or one of the hunters.

Hunted Bounty
If your game settings allows it, and you really catch the attention of the police in your game (i.e., get a 5-star ranking with the police), other players will be invited to track you down. Your objective is to evade them (though you can certainly try and go down with a fight).
You can also trigger this by selecting the Multiplayer option in your phone. 

As a hunter, your role is to take down your bounty before it escapes. Bounty can appear spontaneously in your game, if your game settings allow it, or you can trigger the mode by going into the Multiplayer option on your phone.
Note that the role of hunter is only available to PS+ members.

Hacking Invasion

Back from the original Watch Dogs, this mode allows you to drop into another player's game and hack their data - or to be the target of such an invasion. You can select this mode through the Multiplayer Option on your phone.
PS4 players will need a PS+ membership to be able to invade other players. 

Coop missions

Some specific missions can be played with a friend. You can start these missions after meeting someone in the world, or invite a friend to complete the mission with you.
Coop missions requires PS+ membership for both players.

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