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Skill Tree


How does the skill tree work?


Skills helps your Assassin's (Jacob and Evie) progress in the game. Unlocking skills also improve your Assassin's XP level and allow you to unlock further skills.

The skills are broken into three categories: Combat, Stealth and Ecosystem. 

Includes Combo Boosts and Health Upgrades. 

Includes Lock Picking and Assassinations. 

Includes Eagle Vision, Carriages and Rooks. 

Do Jacob and Evie have unique skills? 

Jacob and Evie do have unique skills. Jacob's focus on Combat and Evie's are all about Stealth. 

Jacob's Unique Skills

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Gunslinger II
Jacob and Evie are both skilled with their guns, but with the Gunslinger II skill, all of Jacob's countershots are automatic headshots. 

Defense III
Both Jacob and Evie are good at defending themselves (both can unlock Defense I, which decreases damage taken from melee hits, and Defense II which decreases damage taken from ranged hits) but once you have unlocked the Defense III skill, Jacob will take much less damage overall. 

Mutilate II
An upgrade on the Mutilate skill (which both Jacob and Evie have access too), Mutilate II helps Jacob bring his enemies into a near death state much more quickly. This will be helpful when setting up brutal multi-kills. 

Evie's Unique Skills

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Evie is a master at blending in with the environment. In sneak mode, she will be almost undetectable when she stands completely still. Only enemies that are very close to her will be able to spot her. Evie will look see-through when using the Chameleon skill. While holding still, Evie doesn't actually become invisible, but she will appear as such to let you know that she is in fact blending with the environment. 

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Knife Master II
Both Jacob and Evie can unlock the Knife Master I skill, but only Evie can unlock Knife Master II. She will be able to carry twice as many throwing knives, and they will inflict more damage. 

Stealth III
Again this would be a skill that both Jacob and Evie can unlock, but only Evie can unlock Stealth III. This will increase Evie's stealth stat and she is less likely to be detected and everything that she does, including assassinations will make very little noise. 

Assassin's and Enemies XP Level 

In Assassin's Creed Syndicate your Assassin's (Jacob and Evie) both have an XP level which can be increased. As previously mentioned your XP level must be increased to unlock certain skills. 

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As you can see in the image above your enemies have numbers above their heads, this would indicate their XP difficulty. One of the enemies is level 7 so he will be more difficult to kill. 

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This image is what is shown in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The left gauge bar shows your health, the right gauge bar shows your XP. Once this reaches maximum you will level up and it will reset. The number in the middle indicate what level your Assassin is. 

Note that some areas of London contain more difficult enemies than others.

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