Blackscreen on launch


The game displays a blackscreen on launch or crashes with the error “EagleFlight.exe is not responding”. What can I do to fix this?



If you are in this situation, please try the following: 

- Before you start the game, launch Uplay PC. 
- Log in to Uplay PC. We recommend that you also tick the Remember Me box if you don't use more than one PC to play. 
- Start the game. 
- If you get a black screen at this point, try putting on your headset.
- If you get the message "Take off the headset" at this point, click to continue past it.

If you are logged into Uplay correctly, the game should boot now. If not, please try to log into Uplay PC again. This should relaunch the game. 

If the issue persists or you have any questions, feel free to contact us




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