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How Do I Access the Exclusive Content?


How do I access the exclusive content?


The exclusive content available will be determined by the edition of the game.  

Please use the selection of editions below in order to quick-reference their exclusive content:
Standard Edition (Preorder)
-Legend of the Mammoth

Apex Edition / Wenja Pack
-Legend of the Mammoth
-4 Skins
-3 Perks
-Bomb Pack
-Exclusive Weapon

Legend of the Mammoth Missions: Requires progression.
Duel of Beasts
Hunt the Hunters
The Trapped Elder

Drink from the shaman's cup to experience life as a mammoth. Use your immense strength to fight for your herd's survival.

This series of missions is unlocked through gameplay progression. Once you have access to the missions, you will be able to locate them by the Question mark icon on the minimap:
User-added image

For the specific map location please refer to the image below:
User-added image

4 Skins: Applied automatically.

Storm Cloud Owl Skin
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Give your owl companion the dark feathers of a raging storm cloud.

Flame Fang Sabretooth Skin
Change a portion of sabretooth tigers in Oros to the ferocious Flame Fang Sabretooth.
Change a portion of sabretooth tigers in Oros to the ferocious Flame Fang Sabretooth.

Ash Back Mammoth Skin
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Change a portion of mammoths in Oros to the mysterious Ash Back Mammoths

Wenja Hunter Paint
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Prepare for the hunt by marking your arms with Wenja tribal paint.

3 Perks: Applied automatically.

Hunter's Perk
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Gain extra animal hides for crafting.

Gatherer's Perk
User-added image
Gain extra resources for crafting.

Shaman's Perk
User-added image
Gain extra herbs for crafting.

Bomb Pack: Added automatically.
User-added image
Increase your odds of survival with 2 extra sting bags early in game.

Exclusive Weapon: Added automatically.

Blood Shasti Club
User-added image
A bloodstained cudgel of bone and teeth once wielded by Ull, the vicious leader of the Udam. 

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