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Trials Frontier - Lost Save Progress


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What should I do when I lose my save for Trials Frontier?


What are cloud saves and how do I restore them?

Game progress is saved to the cloud when you play while logged into Uplay and can be restored to the same or another device using the same Ubisoft account. This is the only way to back up your game progress.

Please note, this progress is tied to the specific
Ubisoft account you signed in with. Please ensure you are signed in with the correct Ubisoft account and the one you used previously. If you notice an issue with your progress, it may be that you have more than one Ubisoft account.

If you clicked the icon to sign in via Facebook, this would automatically create a
Ubisoft account and fill out the details taken from your Facebook account. You may need to check if you are signed in to the 'Facebook' app on your device with the same Facebook account you were signed in with when you first clicked this icon.

If there is a difference in the file stored locally and to the version on the Uplay server you will be given the choice to sync with the server. You have will be presented two options here:

Continue using your local file - This will then sync this file to the Uplay server overwriting the older file.

Download your file from the Uplay server - This will overwrite your local file and continue being saved locally and synced with Uplay.

Please be aware that these overwrites are permanent and we cannot retrieve them.

If you seem to have lost progress in your game, please try re-syncing with Uplay to download the file stored on the server.

What additional steps can I take to help?

Please try logging out of Uplay, fully closing down the app, restarting your device, restart the app and login to Uplay again.

If this does not solve the issue, please log out of Uplay and reinstall the app. When the app is reinstalled, you will need to complete the three tutorial levels again before you are able to login again and re-sync your progress. Once you have logged in, you should be given the choice to retrieve the lastest file stored on the server 
I was asked to choose between two progress options today, which one should I choose?
The two messages are “keep local progress” and “download progress from the server”. These pop-ups appear when:
  1. You have previously logged in to Uplay and play the game in offline mode for some time.
  2. You reinstall the game and login to Uplay with account you have used to play Trials Frontier previously.
  3. You have played the game on another device while logged into Uplay.
  4. You are being credited an item, coins or diamonds.

You can choose if you want to continue the existing game on the device or if you want to download the progress from the server. You will also see the level of your rider in both saves   and when the last time you played the progress that was has been stored on the server. 
Can I reset the game and start again from the beginning?
There is no reset option in the game, but if you reinstall the game, you can start again from the beginning. If you have logged into Uplay, when the game asks you to sync your progress you need to choose the local one. Note that in this case you lose all of your items, bike upgrades, coins and diamonds you may previously have had.

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