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Social Sharing in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag


Where can I find more information on Social Sharing in single player Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag? Why can I not find the White Whale / Treasure / Royal Convoy?


What is Social Sharing?
Some unique events appear regularly in the West Indies Sea. They are very hard to spot if you are alone, but if you are connected and have friends their location will be shared with you, and vice versa. Notifications are sent and the event appears on the West Indies Map when somebody discovers it. Those events are the legendary White Whale, the precious social Treasure, and the rich Royal Convoy, be careful as their presence is limited in time.

You need to be connected to Uplay to access this feature, details on doing this can be found in this article.
How do I know I found a shareable event?
When you find a social event that you can share with your friends, you will get an in-game notification letting you know that it was shared. Sharing is automatic unless you specifically disabled it in the options.

Shared items also appear with special blue icons on the map 

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What kind of reward can I expect for completing social sharing events?
Rewards vary based on the type of event:
·        Whale events will give you whale parts
·        Chests will give you large amounts of money
·        Royal Convoys will give you large amounts of money and cargo
My friend shared an event, what do I do?
Look at your map and find the blue icons. You will also be able to see the icon in the game world if you get close enough (see below).
Once you know where the event is, simply go there and complete it to get the rewards. The event will also get shared to the rest of your friends!

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How much time do I have to complete an event after getting a shared notification?
You can see in the pause menu how much time is left for any event currently in progress (Image 3: Sharing Notification).

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