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Connectivity Issues


I am having issues connecting to online multiplayer, What can I do to connect?


Proxy and Offline Mode
Make sure that Windows is not utilizing any Proxy settings which can cause connectivity problems and that Offline Mode is disabled.
  1. Click on the menu icon in the top left corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click on the Network Tab.
  4. Make sure Always Start Uplay in Offline Mode is unchecked​
  5. Select the Change Proxy Settings option.
This will bring up your Windows Internet Options window where you can manage your OS Internet options. 

Port Forwarding
configure your router and/or firewall to forward the following network ports: 

TCP: 80, 443, 13000, 13005, 13200, 14000, 14001, 14008

Anno 2070
UDP: 80, 3074
TCP: 3074

Directions for configuring network ports are specific to the software and hardware being used, and can be found by visiting the manufacturer's website.
For general information and instructions see our FAQ page on port forwarding. 

Restrictive Networking Environment
There may also be certain restrictions set by your ISP or network administrator. If you continue to have trouble, please contact your ISP or network administrator for details on any specific restrictions on the previously mentioned network ports. 

Local DNS
You will want to try flushing your DNS and resetting your Windows hosts file
Flush DNS
Reset hosts File

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