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Bonus Content Code Redemption


How do I redeem my bonus code for Ghost Recon: Wildlands?


If you are experiencing issues redeeming your code please follow the steps below:

If you have your 16-character code:
Visit the activation site following this LINK.

Once on the site, click on 'Redeem your bonus content'.

'Redeem your bonus content'

Click 'Redeem your Code'.

A new window will open, prompting you to log in. (If the window does not appear, you can manually log in by clicking 'LOG IN' in the upper right-hand corner)


Once logged in, it will take you on to the next page.

Select your platform and enter your 16-digit code. All in upper case and including the dashes.

'Redeem the Code'
Once you have selected your Platform and entered your code, Click 'NEXT'You should now have successfully activated your code.

'Content Unlocked'

I have selected my platform and redeemed the code, where is my pre-order content?
If you have selected PC as your platform, the code will be automatically linked to your Ubisoft Account. The content will be added to your Ubisoft Account automatically one it becomes available.

If you have selected PS4 or Xbox One as a platform, you will receive a unique Activation Key on the email address linked to the Ubisoft account you have logged in with to redeem the code. The email with the Activation Key will be sent once the content is available. After receiving the Activation key, you will need to activate it within your chosen Platform (PS4 or Xbox One). For further information of how to do this please click here.

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