What Is Uplay?


What is Uplay?


Here at Ubisoft, we feel that the Uplay service offers many valuable services to our players, to allow them full access to their games and more. The Uplay service is a system that provides rewards and achievements for our players. This system also allows for games to use online content for statistics as well as the ability to share activities with friends.

There is an actions/rewards system which rewards players with Uplay points which they can then spend on rewards which includes extra in-game content, downloadable materials outside of the game including soundtracks and wallpapers, as well as themes for your consoles.

The Uplay Client is a launcher which allows you access to all of your Uplay-enabled titles as well as extra content via the rewards system as described above.

We feel that, overall, players can not only enjoy our vast line of premier games, but enjoy a true experience outside of the game itself. We strive to enrich our player's lives while they enjoy their games.

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