Using the Baby Black Dragon Dynasty Pet reward in Heroes VI Shades of Darkness


How do I use the Dynasty Pet reward for Heroes VI Shades of Darkness?


The Baby Black Dragon Dynasty Pet reward can be purchased from your Uplay PC application within the available rewards at the cost of 30 Uplay points.

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Please note that the Baby Black Dragon Pet can only be used in Multiplayer or Skirmish mode and cannot be used in the Single Player Campaigns.

You must first assign your pet to one of your Heroes, to do this follow the steps below:

1. From the main menu select My Dynasty, and then click on Switch to my Dynasty tab in the bottom left of the screen as below:

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2. Now select the Hero of your choice at the top of your screen and click the Dynasty Pets tab.

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3. Select the pet you want your Hero to use (the Baby Black Dragon in this case) and click the tick which appears under your selection. Once done this will assign the Pet's skill (in this case Mommy) to your Hero's available slot.

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During combat in both Skirmish and Multiplayer, you will now be able to use this skill from the spell book once every in-game week.

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