Destroyer Command / Silent Hunter II Patch


Where is the latest patch for Destroyer Command that allows multiplayer with Silent Hunter II?


This patch has several AI and function enhancements and improves the stability of multiplayer games. This patch is REQUIRED to enable multiplayer sessions with Silent Hunter II V1.1.

Silent Hunter 2 v1.1 Patch

Destroyer Command v1.01 Patch

Patch includes a missing file that caused the "Vessel Identification" viewer to crash.
Fixed a crash that occurred when many simultaneous sound effects were played on certain Win98/ME systems with Soundblaster Live! or Audigy soundcards.
Sonar station user interface fixed.
"Conserve" ROE order no longer slows player's ships permanently.
Fixed reversed radar fire control switch in low resolution (640x480) main battery director station.

You can now "focus" sonar on submarines by clicking on the submerged contact in the CIC or depth charge screen. This makes the sonar operator update the contact more frequently on the plot. The contact will flash blue indicating that it has sonar "focus". Click again to "defocus".
Depth charge screen now displays course/depth/speed for submerged contacts that have sonar focus.
Sliding panels work smoother (no more auto pinning).
Formation changing smarter, friendly ships less likely to smash into each other.
Submarines will now evade enemy attack more often.
Submarines will surface and charge batteries or air when they are depleted (and stay surfaced when charging batteries).
AI task forces/convoys will now detach closest ASW subgroup (instead of the first ASW subgroup) to chase subs.
If pursuing ASW subgroup is destroyed, another ASW subgroup will be detached.
Enemy aircraft will now initiate attacks against submarines spotted at periscope depth.
Entire flights of enemy torpedo bombers will now attack by having all planes drop torpedoes instead of one.
AI task forces/convoys will now detach the closest (instead of the next group in order) ASW subgroup to chase subs.
If pursuing ASW subgroup is destroyed, another ASW subgroup will be detached.
Air-dropped depth charges explode at 25ft vs 50ft depth, making them more effective against surfaced boats.
Sped up diving times for subs (30%-60%).
Updated crush depth and AA gun information for U-boats in Vessel Identification section to match data in SH2.

Pacific Campaign, "Oil" - Removed repeats of enemy torpedo bombers (making scenario easier).
Pacific Campaign, "Carrier Strike" - Fixed non-attacking enemy torpedo bombers (making scenario more difficult).
Pacific Campaign, "Sub Gauntlet" - Made enemy subs linger longer around Kiska.
Atlantic Campaign, "The Narrow Seas" - Removed objective to return to Dover (nearby German emplacements prevented success).
Atlantic Campaign, "Convoy to Freetown" - Added additional buffer space in convoy formation. Removed "respawning" U-boats. Changed merchant survival objective from 90% to 80%.
Historic, "Convoy 67" - Removed "respawning" U-boats.
Historic, "Operation Anvil" - Fixed formation and waypoint problems, added merchant survival primary objective.

Integrated server more robust, less likely to time out and lose connections.
Clients that lose connection will now automatically attempt to reconnect to the server. Note that if the server has to recreate the unit for a reconnected client, it may pause the game momentarily.
Fixed intermittent crash involving torpedo contacts displayed in the CIC during multiplayer games.
(melee) Caribbean Cruise - reduced to 6 players max, changed to Fletcher Class destroyers, added reach objective in center for use as a landmark.
(co-op) Sink the Yamato - Shifted scenario farther north. Grouped player destroyers closer together.
(squad) Sink the Yamato - Same as co-op, except a maximum of 4 players.
(co-op) Tokyo Express - Turned into a squad game, supporting up to 3 players each with 4 destroyers. Changed enemy force. Moved scenario to "The Slot" in the Solomons, and shortened distance between groups.
(squad) Samar Scuffle - Moved all groups closer together, added reach objective in middle for use as a landmark.

When attempting to host a game under Windows 2000 or XP (operating systems which are unsupported by both Destroyer Command and its third-party networking engine), the game may occasionally drop to desktop (or DCLauncher) as soon as the "Start Server" button is clicked.

Workaround: Try hosting under Windows 98 or Win ME.
While in control of a single destroyer, ordering an "Evasive" ROE will cause your destroyer to get stuck in Evasive mode. You can stop maneuvering by a manual rudder command, but travel using waypoints will continue to be evasive.

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