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  • Rainbow Six Siege - News and updates.

    If you would like to know all the latest news and updates about Rainbow Six Siege, please visit our forums

    You will also find more information about the game on our social media channels, available on Twitter and Facebook

    Updates of Facebook and Twitter are available only in English. 


  • Tom Clancy's The Division Beta Access

    If you have not yet received your Closed Beta key, please be aware that they are currently being sent out in waves over the next two days. Please continue to check your email throughout the day (including spam/promotions folders). 

    This Closed Beta is not under NDA and pre-loading will be available after activating your key. You can verify your Beta access by visiting the 
    Beta Access dashboard. For more information on the Beta Access service, please see our FAQ 

    Note: We will ONLY be able to assist you with beta key inquiries if you can provide an image of your proof of purchase showing you have pre-ordered Tom Clancy's The Division.