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  • Rainbow Six Siege - News and updates.

    If you would like to know all the latest news and updates about Rainbow Six Siege, please visit our forums

    You will also find more information about the game on our social media channels, available on Twitter and Facebook

    Updates of Facebook and Twitter are available only in English. 


  • The Crew Wild Run Information


    As you know, after today’s maintenance, all players on PS4, Xbox One and PC will have to download our latest update in order to access the game. Once downloaded, all players will benefit from the free graphical upgrade and new dynamic weather system.
    To purchase the digital version of The Crew Wild Run expansion, and access all its content, please refer to the list below to know the exact time at which the expansion will be available on each platform in your region.

    •             PC Platform (Uplay/Steam) 6.00 pm 17/11 Paris time - All regions
    •             Xbox One 11.00 am 17/11 Paris time - All regions
    •             PS4 Europe 12.00 pm 17/11 Paris time - SCE Europe
    •             PS4 America 4.00 pm 17/11 Paris time - SCE America
    •             PS4 Japan 4.00 am 18/11 Paris time - SCE Japan

    Thanks and see you at The Summit!

    The Crew Team