Purchasing with Ubisoft Club Units


Can I use Ubisoft Club Units to buy items on the Ubisoft Store?


Ubisoft Club Units are part of our Actions and Rewards systems. You can earn Ubisoft Club Units by completing Actions in your games. Units can then be redeemed for Rewards in games that you own. You can check your completion of these Actions HERE

You can't purchase items on the Ubisoft Store directly with your Club Units, but you can exchange 100u for a 20% Store Discount!

Once you've earned 100 Club units, CLICK HERE to redeem them for a discount code.

Please note that Ubisoft Store discount codes cannot be applied to pre-orders/pre-purchases, in-game currency, newly released titles (less than 3 months after launch), or items under the clearance category.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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