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How does the Photo Mode work? Where are my pictures saved?


The Photo Mode allows you to freeze the action in-game and to capture shots of gameplay.

If you wish to disable or edit the Photo Mode hotkey, you can do so in the Options menu, the option to change this key can be found in the Controller (Console) and/or Keyboard and Mouse (PC) setting section of the game menu. When the Photo Mode is active, the game is paused and the camera detaches itself from the Main Character, this allows the camera to be moved freely within a generous range of your character.

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Photo mode allows you to navigate and tweak a series of effects, such as: Field of View, Depth of Field, Weather, Time of day, Film Grain, Vignetting, and apply a selection of several filters to enhance your photo. By pressing  LS (Xbox) / L3 (PS4) / Caps Lock (PC) you can toggle a Rule of Thirds Grid feature to help you find the right composition and balance for your image.

Before taking the picture, you should hide the interface first by pressing RS (Xbox) / R3 (PS4) / Tab (PC). Once the interface is disabled, you can take a screenshot by using the platform’s built-in functions:
 - On PS4, the SHARE button
 - On Xbox One, the Xbox button
 - On PC, F12, but the hotkey may vary according to the player’s custom settings

Once you have taken a screenshot, your pictures will be saved in the system’s default gallery:
 - PS4 and Xbox: the system’s gallery
 - On Uplay: C:/Users/%username%/Pictures/Uplay/Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
 - On Steam: from your games’ library select Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, then “View Screenshot Library”

You will not be able to toggle Photo Mode while you are using binoculars, while controlling a drone, when your character is down and waiting to be revived, during a cut scene or while in a menu.

While you are using the Photo Mode in a Solo game, you will note that the hotjoin functionality for Coop games will be temporarily disabled. This means that you cannot have other players join your game while you are using the Photo Mode, you can still enable Photo Mode in a Coop game, but please note that when in Coop, the Photo Mode behaves a bit differently. When you activate Photo Mode in Coop, you will notice that the game is not paused, think of it like using a drone. Your character will complete any animations / actions that occurred when Photo Mode was launched and then remain idle while you control Photo Mode, but your teammates will still be able to move and interact with the world which will continue to occur in real time around you.

There are a few Photo Mode features will not be available when playing Coop, notably; Weather settings, Time of Day settings, Film Grain and Vignetting. In a Coop game, Photo Mode will be disabled automatically if the Main Character is too far from the camera (for example, when travelling by vehicle) or if the Main Character takes any form of damage, or dies.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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