Transferring Games between platforms or Accounts


Can I transfer my game to another platform or account?


Console Game Transfers
As keys and contents are bound to the console account and the console on which they were activated, it is not possible to transfer any game or content from one platform to another. Our support teams here at Ubisoft do not have visibility over external account activity.

For example, if you purchased a game or DLC on a PSN account, we would not be able to transfer the ownership to another PSN account or to an Xbox or PC version of the game.

If you own the same game on different platforms and you only have one Season Pass, for instance the PC version, this content cannot be transferred to the other platform.

PC Game Transfers
On PC, since the ownership goes through Ubisoft accounts, the picture is a bit different. If you have accidentally activated a game to a different account, please contact support and we’ll check to see if we are able to transfer it to your main account.

Please note that we can only transfer PC games and content, we are unable to transfer, rewards, challenges, achievements or in-game progress.

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