Managing your trusted devices


What should I know about trusted devices?


What are trusted devices?

Trusted devices are hardware (i.e. smartphones) and software (i.e. web browsers) that can be remembered for your next login. Only accounts secured by 2-Step Verification will have the option to remember the device used during authentication.

When signing in with one of your trusted devices, you don't need to go through 2-Step Verification again. However, you still have to log in with your Ubisoft credentials even if you're using a trusted device.

If you tick the Remember this device box (see image below) on any Ubisoft login page, the device will be added to your list of trusted devices for your Ubisoft Account.

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How can I manage these devices?

After registering a new device from the 2-Steps Verification page on login, you are able to manage your trusted devices from the Security Settings page of the Account Management website. Simply look for the box Manage my trusted devices and click on it to have an overview of which devices are registered. 
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If you need to access the Account Management website through different locations, we would suggest renaming device names and adding more information (e.g. Work, Home, Smartphone). 
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From this same interface, you also have the option to remove a device and to look for more details about their activation (e.g. Last activity, Trusted date).

If you have any other questions about the security of your account, don't hesitate to contact us!

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