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How does recalibration work?


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Recalibration allows you to further customise your equipment by replacing the attached stats and increasing Gear Score (up to a cap).

Changing a stat or talent on an item requires you to invest credits and materials - you also need to own an item with the desired stat.

This also means that the item you transfer the stat from will be destroyed once you complete the recalibration process.

For the transfer to be successful, the two stats or talents need to be from the same family:
- offensive,
- defensive,
- utility.

You can only recalibrate one stat or talent per item, but you can recalibrate the same stat or talent it multiple times. 

With Title Update 3, we introduced a new value - Recalibration Score - that is visible on all pieces of gear and weapons. Capped at 100, this value will fluctuate depending on what attributes are recalibrated onto your gear. Some statistics weigh more heavily than others and increase the score to a greater amount. Note that recalibrating talents does not increase recalibration score.

Recalibrating an item
You can recalibrate your gear or your weapons using the Recalibration Station at the Base of Operations.

The recalibration bench will be unlocked after completing the third mission of the Campus settlement. 
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- Select the item you would like to recalibrate.
Note that you cannot recalibrate a piece of equipment if you do not have a similar item in your inventory. 
- Once the gear piece or weapon is selected, you should see a list of similar items that you can use in order to transfer a stat or talent. 
- Select the item containing the stat or talent you are interested about.
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- Before you proceed with the transfer, be aware that the stat or talent of the other item may lower the average power of the item you would like to recalibrate. 
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- Confirm the destruction of the other item and the transfer by pressing the corresponding key/button.
Note that you will also need some E-Credits and components to transfer this stat or talent. 
- Your main item is now recalibrated.
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