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What are bounties? How can I unlock them?


After completing the second mission of the Campus settlement, Otis Sykes will join your crew at the Base of Operations.

From there, he'll inform you about new bounties every day. In addition to hand-crafted bounties, many bounties are procedurally generated.

Bounties put a price on the heads of enemy bosses to reward you for eliminating hostile presence in the city.

These bosses have been busy building their own agenda, which includes eliminating Division Agents like yourself. As a result, they may also have access to SHD Tech and all the abilities that come alongside it. 

To unlock a bounty on a target, you will need to gather target intel or complete settlement projects.

Intel can be gathered by:
- completing high-difficulty missions,
levelling up your Clan,
- asking The Snitch,
- helping civilians.
Upon reaching the end-game, you will also gain access to the Priority Target Network — a progression tree of weekly bounties which continue to tell the story of D.C.

Completing these bounties progresses you through the tree up to a final, Heroic Bounty that delivers the rarest rewards upon completion.

Remember that the Priority Target Network progress resets weekly, so you have to eliminate as many bosses as you can within the allotted period!

To get a bounty target, either speak to Otis or read the Bounty Boards at settlements. Some bounties will also appear in your megamap, so don't hesitate to check it out! 

Note that bounties have different difficulty levels and unlock different rewards
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As soon as a bounty is identified and acquired, you will be able to track it for a specific amount of time. This time will be indicated once the target has been unlocked. 
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Agent, your mission is now simple: find and track them down! Be careful, as bounties increase in difficulty, the leaders will be accompanied by larger and more well-equipped squads, and can even roll deep with additional bosses!
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