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What should I know about this PC digital preorder offer?


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Who can participate?
Please have a look at our eligibility article for more information. 

Are there geographical limitations?
The offer is available worldwide other than where prohibited or otherwise restricted.

Can I have the free PC game no matter where I preorder the game?
Some terms and conditions applies. This article details the requirement to be eligible for a free game.

Does the promotion apply also to console versions of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2?
No, this offer is only available for digital preorders on PC.

If I changed my mind, can I change the free PC digital game I initially selected?
No, once you have selected your free game and validated your choice, it will added to your Uplay games library or on your Epic user profile, and there will be no way to modify it. So be careful!

Can I give my free game to someone else?
No, your free game is linked to your Ubisoft account and cannot be transferred to someone else.

What happens if I decide to ask for a refund for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2?
The offer is strictly linked to the preorder of The Division 2. As a consequence, your free game will be removed from your Uplay games library or your Epic user profile if you cancel your purchase of The Division 2.
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Does the promotion apply if I purchase Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 after the game is already released?
For more details, have a look at this article 

Until when can I choose my free game?
Make sure to redeem your free game before March 31, 2019. More information are available in this dedicated article

Will I keep the free game forever or is it limited in time?
As long as you keep your copy of The Division 2 in your Uplay games library or on your Epic user profile, you keep the selected free game.

If I already have the free games that are offered, what happens?
If you already have Ghost Recon WildlandsWatch_Dogs 2 and Far Cry Primal don’t worry. Ubisoft will contact you around The Division 2 launch date!

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