Guns for Hire in Far Cry New Dawn


What are Guns for Hire?


Guns for Hire are companions that will fight by your side during your escapades outside of the homebase.

While exploring Hope County, you will encounter many unique characters - each with a particular set of skills.

Once you have recruited several companions, you can choose which one you wish to be accompanied by in the Roster tab of the in-game menu.

Guns for Hire tab showing Carmina Rye selected

As they take down more Highwaymen, the Guns for Hire will gain access to better - sometimes more explosive - abilities they can use to aid you in combat.

Their health, damage and efficiency can be increased by upgrading the Training Camp in Prosperity.

If a Gun for Hire is knocked unconscious or unassigned, there will be a brief period during which you cannot assign them again.

You can find the spotlight of each Gun (and Fang!) for Hire on the official Far Cry New Dawn website.

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