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What should I know about the 6Major event? How does the Click and Collect work?


What is a 6Major?

The 6Major Paris is a large E-sport competition-taking place in Paris the 17th, 18th and 19th of August 2018.

During three day, eight teams in the final stage of the competition will fight to know which the best on Rainbow Six Siege is.

I cannot come to get my order; someone can get it for me?

If unfortunately you cannot come to the event, anyone can take your order using the QR code you got in your order confirmation email or your order ID. Feel free to ask your friend to take care of your order for you.

How to come the event?

To come to the event you need to get your ticket for the 6Major Paris in first. The competition will last during 3 days from the August 17th to the 19th included. The Ubisoft STORE for 6Major remains open during these 3 days.

I forgot to pick up my order, what can I do?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver the order to your place if you cannot come to pick it up.

We will refund you the order amount within 1 month after the event.

Don’t hesitate to visit our official store store.ubi.com to see if your product is available and receive it by post :)

The items I wanted is not available anymore in color/size I wanted. Do you have any stock on site?

The largest part of our stock is available on store-six-major.ubisoft.com, meaning that if a product is sold out, only a small part will remain available during the event. It is possible for you to buy it on site but we do not guarantee stock for everybody!

Can I try my order during the event?

Unfortunately not, but you have a size guide detailed on the product pages and during the event you will be able to see products directly on models.

When and how to pick up my order?

To get what you have ordered you need first to have a ticket for the 6Major Paris event. Then during the 3 days of the event (17th, 18th, 19th of August) and using the QR code or the order ID you got in your email confirmation, you will be able to get all your items directly to the click and collect corner present during the 6Major in Paris Porte de Versailles Hall 4.

What do I need to pick up my order?

Only the QR Code or your order ID you received when we confirm you your order.

Where can I pick up my order?

At the click and collect corner present during the 6Major Paris, porte de Versailles Hall 4.

When can I pick up what I have ordered?

From August 17th to the August 19th 2018 included.

How can I get my free Jersey?

When you will pick up your orders, we will provide you a special voucher to get your customizable Jersey in a dedicated corner during the event! (in the limit of the available stock)

Can I cancel my click and collect order once I got my product?

You have 14 days starting the day you collect your product to cancel your order.
To do so, please contact our customer support team.

Do I have to pay online or during the 6Major?

To order your product online and get them during the event you will have to pay by credit card on the store-six-major.ubisoft.com before the event.

I do not have any ticket or I have no intention to go to the event, can I order the product and get them anywhere else?

Unfortunately, no, store-six-major.ubisoft.com is dedicated to people coming to 6Major event; we only deliver orders during the event.
Some ticket are still available on our partner website: https://partenaires.ticketmaster.fr/fr/liste/idlist/586/idtier/21758764?tkn=2303015306025005

Most of our product are exclusive to this event but you can find some directly on our official Store: https://store.ubi.com/

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