Managing Beta participation on your Ubisoft Account


Can I review and change the details of my beta registration?


On the Ubisoft Account Management website you can find information about Betas you signed up for. Simply navigate to the tab Beta Access to find 

- your current Beta registrations
- active Betas you can participate in
- your Beta participation history

You can review whether the Beta is under a non-disclosure agreement and which platform you have registered for participation. You are also able to change the platform you registered by selecting a different platform and clicking the button Change. Once you confirm your selection, the change is done. Be aware that this is only possible until you are accepted for participation on the currently selected platform. Once you have been accepted, you will not be able to change the platform. 

If you play on console, you'll be able to find the Beta Access Key in the section Active Beta after you have been selected for participation. More information about redeeming the Beta Access Key in this FAQ

On PC, no access key is required - the Beta will automatically be added to your Uplay PC Games library. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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