2-Step Verification Recovery Codes


Here is what you need to know about the 2-Step Verification recovery codes.


What are recovery codes?
How to store recovery codes?

What are recovery codes?
Recovery codes are unique, one-use codes generated as part of the 2-Step Verification process. In the event you lose access to the device you have set 2-Step-Verification on, you can use one of your recovery codes in place of a code generated by the authenticator app to access your account.

To recover full access to your account before exhausting your recovery codes, you can temporarily disable 2-Step Verification yourself or get in touch with our support teams.

You can also disable 2-Step Verification and re-enable it to generate a new set of recovery codes.

Please note: Support does not have the ability to view or retrieve your recovery codes.

We also offer the option to add a mobile phone number to your Ubisoft account, so you can receive a text message with a recovery code if you have enabled the 2-Step on your mobile device.

How do I store my recovery codes?
Recovery codes will only display once during the process of enabling 2-Step Verification. You can print the codes out by selecting Print
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Additionally, you can copy them to a secure digital location, or take a screenshot of the codes and store them in a safe location.

We strongly recommend storing your recovery codes someplace other than the device you have activated 2-Step-Verification on, to allow for easier account recovery should you lose access to that device.

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