Rainbow Six: Siege - Manual Datacenter Selection


How do I manually select my Datacenter following the v1.2 patch?


To manually select your Datacenter after patch v1.2 is installed, follow the steps below:

1. Open your file explorer by clicking the folder Icon on your taskbar or searching for Explorer and choosing file explorer.

Navigate to C:\Users\CurrentUser\Documents\My Games\Rainbow Six - Siege\UplayID

*Please note that your CurrentUser is the current windows user and UplayID will be a long alphanumeric string representing your Uplay account
**If you have multiple Uplay accounts that have played on your machine, then you will have multiple folders.
- If so, delete these folders.
- Then start the game and login to your account.
- After the game loads, exit out of the game.
- Return to this location and you should now see a single folder for your account containing a default GameSettings,ini file
2. Right click the GameSettings.ini file and choose Open with > notepad. Here you will have a list of game settings.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the document and you will see:

;DataCenterHint => 
;    default 'ping based'
;    eus     'us east'
;    cus     'us central'
;    scus    'us south central'
;    wus     'us west'
;    sbr     'brazil south'
;    neu     'europe north'
;    weu     'europe west'
;    eas     'asia east'
;    seas    'asia south east'
;    eau     'australia east'
;    wja     'japan west'

NOTE: All of the lines with a semicolon in front are a list of the possible data center choices.

The bottom line (DataCenterHint=default) is the selection choice currently set to default, which means: automatically detect and choose
4. Change the default selection to the Datacenter of your choosing (see below for examples).

5. Save the file, then start the game.

6. Once in game, press F10 or click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner. Below the options, you will see the currently selected Datacenter, your ping to the right of it and your NAT type below.

7. Confirm that your manual selection has taken place and if so you are all set.

NOTE: You can change your server again at any time by closing the game and changing the values as instructed above

Examples for US Servers:

West Coast US:  DataCenterHint=wus
East Coast US:  DataCenterHint=eus

Central US:  DataCenterHint=cus
South Central US: DataCenterHint=scus

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