Prince of Persia 3D Patch


Where can I find the latest patch for Prince of Persia 3D?


If you haven't downloaded a Patch for this game yet, this is the one you want!

Patch 1.1 will modify several minor issues in Prince of Persia 3D, improving on what we think is an already outstanding game. Simply click on the link below to download the patch. When the file has downloaded, double-click on the icon to install the files. Follow the prompts on the install to point the installer to the directory where you have previously installed Prince of Persia 3D. The patch will do the rest.

Among the items that are improved with this patch: load/save, collision and force issues (swimming in currents or being pushed by objects), combat and AI, and a faster look cam. Also, this patch will auto-save your game at the start of every level. You may load the auto-saved game as you would any other game - press ESC, then select load game. You will see the auto-saved game among the list of games you have saved.

If you are experiencing problems running the game with an SLI configuration (two linked Voodoo cards), please check the ReadMe.txt file, after you have installed Patch 1.1, for the fix. The ReadMe.txt file is updated by the Patch and can be found in the directory that you previously installed Prince of Persia 3D to.

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