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  • Rainbow Six Siege Key Distribution Update

    The day we've all been waiting for is here and the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta has officially begun and the first wave of invites are already going. Yesterday we released a blog post giving some information on the current state of the beta and how we would be operating it. We realize there is still some confusion and frustration regarding how access is being granted, and why we're doing it this way.

    As you know, we are granting access to the Closed Beta in waves. We obviously want to get you access as quickly as possible (we want you to play and have fun!), but the focus of our testing right now is on player experience flow and matchmaking. By staggering beta access, we can better manage server stability as the player population ramps up, which is crucial to a great experience when the game launches December 1st. We will be doing our load tests at a later time prior to launch. We've already gathered a lot of incredibly useful data during the last few days of the technical test, and we have many matchmaking improvements in the development pipeline. We expect to make even more progress over the weekend with your help.

    Anyone who pre-ordered the game will be receiving their beta activation email today (North American time zone), and we are currently in the process of sending those out. By the end of the day, we will also be sending out invites to a large number of those who had guaranteed access codes redeemed on the website. If you do not receive your invite today please hang tight, we will give an update tomorrow morning.

    We're working to get you in the game as quickly as possible so please check your email daily. We're grateful and humbled by your passion to play, and we want to work together so you can have the best experience now and at launch. Thank you for your understanding, we can’t wait to get your feedback once you’re in!