Deleting my Ubisoft account


​I want to delete my Ubisoft account. How can I do that, and what are the conditions of the account deletion?


In order to delete your Ubisoft Account, you will have to contact us

You will receive detailed terms and conditions of the account deletion in the email response sent to you after submitting your request. Below you will find the most important consequences of deleting your Ubisoft account.
You will lose access to all the games that are activated on your account. You can easily check what games are linked to your account using Uplay or by logging in to your account on our account management website.
The keys linked to your account will be deactivated and become unusable.
• All 3rd Party accounts (like Xbox LIVE, PSN, WiiU and Facebook) linked to your Ubisoft account will be unlinked.
• You will be unable to access any content you have purchased in any online games or through Ubisoft services.
• You will only be able to contact the support through a new Ubisoft account.

Things to remember:
• Your request to delete your account will only be accepted if the request is sent through the account that is to be deleted.
• In order to make sure that your account will not be deleted accidentally, you will receive a final confirmation that must be accepted before the process will be started

Once the deletion process has been completed, it will not be possible to recover your account.

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