Hungry Shark Evolution - Bazooka Sleigh


What is the Bazooka Sleigh and how do I get it?


Bazooka Claus is coming to town – take cover! Firing shark-shaped missiles, you don’t want to mess with this not-so-jolly gift-giver. Bazooka Sleigh is an upgrade to the Sleigh body accessory: Santa sits on your Sleigh, and will now fire shark-shaped missiles to your prey! Bazooka Sleigh has 2 skills: it shoots missiles dealing damage to the smallest enemy on screen, and it gives the usual Sleigh magnet to attract collectibles to you.

The new Bazooka Sleigh will appear in your items shop if you own the normal Sleigh. If you don't, you can win it via the ""12 Days of Sharkmas"" event running from December 17th to 30th 2018, where you need to collect tree ornaments scattered through the main level. You can also buy the Sleigh directly in the item shop during Holiday sales. Then, you can upgrade it to Bazooka Sleigh in the shop for 200 gems. Happy Sharkmas!

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