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What is the Wereshark and how do I get it?
What is the Bat Baby and how do I get it?


What is the Wereshark and how do I get it?
The Wereshark is the spookiest creature of Professor Kempstein's Lab: an innocent shark bitten by a horrific werewolf during full moon. This shape-shifting hybrid shark reveals its true nature at dusk with its long claws, ultimate speed, reflexes, and senses!

At nightfall and until dawn, the wereshark shifts into its wolf form. Its size and speed increase and gravity won’t affect him as much as other sharks. It can also break through rocks marked with blue cracks. Instead of Gold Rush, the Wereshark triggers a Moon Rush when in wolf mode. During Moon Rush, Wereshark's speed  increases with the usual multiplier, but also everyone else's speed decreases with a fantastic bullet time effect. And the cherry on the cake: if the wereshark is in wolf form, eating the moon gives you a huge boost! Your health bar tops up and you get a 10 second immunity shield. Ready to rule the night?

To get this shark you must first unlock the secret lab after your third run and reach a highscore of 250.000 points. Wereshark costs 180.000 coins or 900 gems.

As with other special sharks, you cannot equip any accessories or baby sharks to the Wereshark. When playing, it will level up as normal (up to level 10) at a quick speed, however after the session ends, it will return to level 1 for the following session.

What is the Bat Baby and how do I get it?
Who said vampires fear salt water? This immortal creature came out from its lair to convert everyone into a vampire with its bat mist ability! Bat Baby's victims leave a black mist. Bat Baby helps you survive longer with +15% food value bonus for every kill.

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