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What should I know about the Anti-Aliasing feature?


We have decided to move away from our current 2-pass CheckerBoard Temporal Filtering technique and use a single-pass Temporal Upscaler Anti-Aliasing technique. We are reflecting that change in the Anti-Aliasing menu by removing the PostEffect AA menu option and merging everything in the AA option.

The reason behind the change was to support separating the rendering resolution from the display resolution through a Render Scaling option, which will be coming in the future and this is the first step for it.

Experimental sharpness filter
As previously stated, our goal is to separate the rendering resolution from the display resolution, which will give you better performance with a still better quality image than with normal upscaling. In order to do this we had to make some changes to the current configuration, and that meant removing temporal filtering.
We have deployed a sharpness filter on the TTS and we think you should able to return a sharper image and configuration as before. We appreciate your patience with us as we try new things to make your experience better. 

So as a recap, here is what we are moving to:
On the Live Build (before TTS) we have:
Temporal Filtering: Fast Rendering, Aliased image but sharper
Temporal Filtering + T-AA (default settings): Fast Rendering & Anti-Aliased Image but Blurrier
Temporal Filtering + FXAA: Fast rendering & Anti-Aliased Image but less blurry
After the TTS was deployed (initial TTS Build) this is what players see:
T-AA (default): Fast Rendering, Anti-Aliased Image but Blurrier (New Temporal Filter technique & T-AA now combined)
Now we have added a TAASharpenFactor to the .ini file in the new TTS build that is live now:
T-AA (default): Fast Rendering, Anti-Aliased Image but Blurrier (New Temporal Filter technique & T-AA now combined)
T-AA + Sharpness Filter: Fast Rendering, Sharpness filter running after making the image sharper (sharpness is controllable)
How to enable the new setting:
We added the new filter as a GameSetting (changeable in the gamesettings.ini) to deliver it faster, if our user base is satisfied with it we’re gonna add it to the menu in an upcoming patch.

- Make sure the game updated, close the game, and then follow these steps before launching:
- Go to: C:\Users[username of PC]\Documents\My Games\Rainbow Six - Siege
- Then there is a folder with a string of numbers and letters. Access this folder and open GameSettings.ini
- Change TAASharpenFactor=0.0000 To TAASharpenFactor=0.25

The community is reporting between 0.35 and 0.375 results in settings similar to live configurations.
A value between 0.0 and 1.0 is supported and will control the amount of sharpness. 0.25 is what we recommend as being comparable to previous configurations.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this new feature, feel free to contact us

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