Missing Voice-Overs


Why have the Voice-Overs in Champions of Anteria stopped?


Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

If you have finished the installation but not yet started a new game:
1. Launch the game. 
2. When arriving in the main menu open the “Options” menu and return to the main menu - This will avoid the issue.

If you have finished the installation and already started a new game without visiting the options menu before:
1. Close Champions of Anteria
2. Open the Windows Explorer
3. Open the “CoA (Champions of Anteria)” folder in My Documents
4. Delete the file game.conf
5. Restart Champions of Anteria and open the Options menu once. – The issue is now fixed and you can start a new game.

This issue does not occur if you open the options menu at least once before starting a new game on a fresh installation (re-installation does fix the issue)

If you have any further issues please click here to contact support.

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