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Error occured during the move data process...


When attempting to install Urban Operations, the following error occurs:
"Error occuried during the move data process..." followed by a number (-106, -113, -115, -117, etc.)


  1. Is your hard drive or CD-ROM drive are not using compatibility mode paging?
    1. click Start->settings->Control Panel.
    2. Double-click System.
    3. Click the Performance tab at the top of this window.
    4. The File System should list as 32-bit
    5. You should also see a line that reads "your system is configured for optimal performance."
    6. If you do not see both of these, then there may be a problem with your CD-ROM drive or your hard drive. Contact your computer's manufacturer or Microsoft for more information on correcting this issue.

  2. Do you have open programs in the background while trying to install the game, especially Antivirus or System checking software?
    1. Reboot the PC
    2. Once you are back to Windows, press ctrl-alt-del.
    3. From the "Close Program" window that opens, the only two items that should appear in this list are Explorer and Systray.
    4. To temporarily disable all other programs, highlight the first item in the list and click end task.
    5. Continue this process until you have closed all programs except Explorer and Systray.
    6. Start the installation again.

  • Do you have enough hard drive free space available?
    1. From Windows desktop, double click My Computer.
    2. Use the right mouse button to right-click on the c:\ drive.
    3. Left-click on Properties
    4. Next to "Free Space", make sure this number is larger than the minimum requirements for the game you are installing. Remember! you need an additional 100mb free after installation for Windows Swap File allocation.
    5. If you do not have enough free space, you should uninstall or remove unnecessary programs and files from your computer until you have adequate space. Refer to the windows help file for removing unwanted files.

  • Have you performed standard maintenance on your PC?
    • Run Scandisk
      1. Click Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools
      2. Select Scandisk
      3. Select your hard drive. If you have more than one, you should scan each drive individually.
      4. Click Standard
      5. Check Automatically fix errors.
      6. Click Start

  • Run Defrag
    1. Click Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools
    2. Select Disk Defragmenter
    3. Select the hard drive you wish to defrag and click ok.

  • Remove files from the temp directory
    1. Reboot the PC
    2. Once back in Windows, Right-click My Computer
    3. Left-click Explore
    4. From the right pane of Windows Explorer, double click C:\
    5. Double-click the Windows Folder, then find and double click the TEMP folder.
    6. Remove all files from this folder.
    7. Restart the Computer
    8. Empty the Recycle bin and run the installation again.

  • Is your CD Scratched or Damaged?
    1. Inspect the silver underside of the CD closely
    2. If their are any smudge marks, dirt, or scratches, clean the disk.
      NOTE: When cleaning CD-ROMs, wipe from the center of the disc to the edge using a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. Do not use a circular motion. Also, do not use paper cloth which can scratch the plastic and leave streaks.
    3. Insert the CD and try installing again.
    4. If you continue to receive the error, you may need to replace the disk. for Red Storm's return policy.

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