Security and accessibility information for the Ubisoft Experience


What should I know about security and accessibility for this event?



All attendees are requested to bring an identification document (driver’s licence, national ID card or passport) as proof of age. 

Attendees agree to comply with security and safety requirements and directions at the event. Prior to entry to the event, you may be subject to specific security and safety requirements including but not limited to bag checking and metal detector tests.

You are not allowed to bring any food or beverages to the venue, but food will be available to purchase on-site.

Cosplayers are more than welcome. Nevertheless, strict rules apply to the use of fake weapons
Please see our Cosplay Guidelines and Weapon Policy article for more details. 

Ubisoft Experience has zero tolerance for harassment of any kind. For more information about our anti-harassment policy, please visit this dedicated article


All our venues are accessible for people with disabilities. If you need assistance during your visit, please contact our staff.

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