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Basic Xbox One Troubleshooting


I am having trouble running my game smoothly on my Xbox One. What can I do to fix this? 


If you encounter issues when trying to run your game on Xbox One, there are a few things you can try.

The type of troubleshooting would depend on whether your issue is connectivity related, license related, game data related or if the disc seems faulty. We will summarise a few steps below that should solve any of those issues. However, if your problem is caused by your hardware, your console itself, we recommend that you check the Xbox Support site or contact Xbox Support directly.

Make sure your system is up to date
To download the latest system software update for your console, connect your console to the internet. (If you are unsure if your console is connected or not, check the current network status of your Xbox One.) Once your console is connected, check if any updates are available.

Clearing the cache / Power cycle your console
A surprising number of issues can be solved by power cycling your hardware.

Disconnect your console from the internet
Some issues may be linked to the inability to download a specific piece of content or to connect to online services (note that the system may not notify you that it's trying to do this). Disconnecting your console from the internet may allow you to bypass your issue. To do so:
- Please unplug the ethernet cable, if your console is connected to the network by cable.
- If you are connected by WiFi, go offline through the console's settings.
Once disconnected, try again. Whether it works or not, don't forget to reconnect your Xbox One to the internet afterwards.

Try another system
In order to determine if your issue is related to the individual console, your game disc or connection, it may be worthwhile to try with another Xbox One, if possible for you. If your friends do not own an Xbox One, some retailer might allow you to try, for example, a possibly faulty disc on the shop's Xbox.

Set this console as a home console
If your issue is related to the license or ownership of a game or content, it may be worth trying to set your console as your home console, if you have not done that already. 

If you tried all these steps but keep having an issue with one of our games or services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us

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